Briefly about Us

The company was registered on June 3, 1994 at the Vratsa District Court with the main subject of activity construction and operation of cable television. Intersat Ltd. started its economic activity in July of the same year, when the construction of a telecommunication network for cable television in the town of Mezdra started. In 2006 the company started the gradual construction of cable networks in other settlements in the municipality of Mezdra. At present, 12 / twelve / electronic communication networks of Intersat OOD have been built and are operating - in the town of Mezdra and eleven more settlements from the municipality of Mezdra - the village of Zverino, the village of Moravitsa, the village of Ignatitsa, the village of Oselna, the village of Lyuti Brod, the village of Rebarkovo, the village of Durmantsi, the village of Gorna Kremena, the village of Dolna Kremena, the village of Brusen and the village of Bodenets. Since the beginning of 2008 Intersat Ltd. has been expanding its activities in the direction of offering another type of electronic communications networks and services - Internet access. All settlements in the municipality of Mezdra, where Intersat Ltd. has electronic communications networks, are connected by an underground pipe network for optical connectivity, which allows the company's customers to have access to both cable TV and the Internet. Regarding the principles observed by Intersat Ltd. in carrying out its activities as an electronic communications and media operator, they are: accuracy, correctness and loyalty to business partners, customers and subscribers, respect for its employees, protection of the ecological balance in nature, harmonisation with European practice in the field of media, telecommunications and electronic communications services.